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10 29 12

New Fashion Editorial Illustration here


saint laurent  illustration 2013 











07 10 12

These beautiful pieces inspired me this design. It´s quite infrequent to find this sort of projects which have a common sense of excellence & irony, fun and clever at the same. Nice work, great team & more. Enjoy!

andres gallardo illustration

04 20 12

I already saw this amazing promotional clip about Louis Vuitton exhibition in Paris. Even though dancers are not professionals they do their best & the results are gorgeous. 

illustration louis vuitton arts decoratifs exhibition paris


04 02 12

This is my last editorial illustration at Barcelones magazine. Cool & friendly people, best is yet to come guys!

illustration prada barcelones magazine

03 19 12

This is Hideo Yamanaka, one of the plant employees trying to set everything back to order around Fukushima.

I Guess David Bowie was right. 

fukushima illustration