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07 10 12

These beautiful pieces inspired me this design. It´s quite infrequent to find this sort of projects which have a common sense of excellence & irony, fun and clever at the same. Nice work, great team & more. Enjoy!

andres gallardo illustration

03 19 12

This is Hideo Yamanaka, one of the plant employees trying to set everything back to order around Fukushima.

I Guess David Bowie was right. 

fukushima illustration

01 10 12

Last week Sargadelos CEO and Art Director passed away. This is a tribute to an exceptional visionary, an entrepreneur with the unique capacitance of merging both a delicate creativity, ethics & business. We´re living tough times, and most of our values & structures will be updated: the fact that such an ambitious, avant-garde yet human project happened eighty years ago, brings me a so-needed sense of hope. I hate proselytizing & manifestos, just wanted to mark out excellence is out there.

isaac diaz pardo illustration sargadelos editorial

01 01 12

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And please note any of this goes for the Cruise´s

illustration suri kids editorial magazine